Special Review: Riches (6-episode limited series on Amazon Prime) Unlike few o…

Special Review: Riches (6-episode limited series on Amazon Prime)Unlike few o...

Special Review:
Riches (6-episode limited series on Amazon Prime)

Unlike few others, ‘Riches’ is one drama that enjoys being Nigerian though it is set mostly in the UK.

The plot follows the Richards family, owner of a successful Black-owned family business empire. The sudden death of the patriarch throws family and business in disarray as the children fight for control while secrets that threaten the survival of the business begin to surface.

It’s a well set-up drama that entertains and knows how to keep the audience engaged through unpacked secrets and nice twists.

The cast (including some Nigerians) comprises beautiful black actors who gave this show an enticing, ‘melanin poppin’ outlook. Black is indeed beautiful.

They also gave good performances, quite fun to watch especially Emmanuel Imani (Simon Richards) and Sarah Niles (Claudia Richards).

@itsdeborah was charismatic as the lead character Nina Richards. Her poise and beauty matched her role.

This series never forgets to remind us that the story revolves around an African family. I like how this is expressed through intermittent use of the Yoruba language, amusing demeanor and body languages. For me it makes the story more relatable and appealing.

Screenplay a bit sketchy and events come too easy at times, still one could see the effort to tell a clever story with the belief that the audience is knowledgeable and of good taste. Not just about glossy packaging.

It’s worth the watch. I believe this would be more welcomed by the Nigerian audience who yearns for a polished, well-made, home-like story.

An interesting drama filled with family issues and corporate intrigues, appears to have drawn inspiration from ‘Succession’ and ‘Billions’ TV series.

@abbyajayi wrote the script. She gave this a nice closure whilst raising more issues to make us anticipate a new season. Not bad at all.

Kindly share your “spoiler-free” thoughts in the comments if you have seen it.

Critic_orb’s rating: Very Good 70%


Both and had something to say after defeats...

Both and had something to say after defeats…