MOVIE REVIEW: Brotherhood (showing only at the cinemas) An interesting premise …

MOVIE REVIEW: Brotherhood (showing only at the cinemas)An interesting premise ...

MOVIE REVIEW: Brotherhood (showing only at the cinemas)

An interesting premise marred by plot issues, casting choices & character management. I will explain.

The movie managed to provide the basics to get us invested. In fact they made an anti-hero out of Tobi Bakre, somehow made us care about his fate. Tobi seemed to enjoy his action role I liked how he carried himself especially in one particular action scene with OC Ukeje.

There were intrigues & entertaining moments in this film, action set-pieces which though not spectacular, were refreshing and decently handled judging by Nollywood standards.

The casting was overcrowded, parading many known faces especially from the Big Brother Naija fame. It was unnecessary as their inclusion didn’t contribute significantly to the roles they played neither did they deliver any striking performance to go with it. Macaroni and Omawunmi are also on this table. It is obvious their presence was not based on acting prowess but to push the film’s marketing, attract fans & to easily generate heavy media buzz. A prevailing habit among Nollywood producers in recent years.

Some poor decisions were seen in the plot & management of characters.

Wale (Tobi Bakre)’s influence & smart plan were not properly revealed in “Ojuju” boys’ operations to make us really see the impact of his smartness.

Basketmouth’s performance was okay but his character was made more like one with bark but no bite. I didn’t feel the power in his character.
Falz & Tobi, initially unconvincing in their performances, struggled to connect me with the bonds of their brotherhood.

Ojuju boys seemed to be operating freely while the elite squad were more interested in appearing smartly kitted. We did not experience their intelligence in crime fighting & investigation.

Sam Dede as the high-ranking officer was made to go on an open chase with a pistol & no bulletproof vest against fully armed robbers. Why?

I felt the story should have been mentally smarter in intrigues & in its plot twist judging by how strong they made the characters & stakes look. They only scratched the surface without digging deep into what could’ve been.

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